For any questions you may have, we’re sure these frequently asked questions will help. Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When do you run sessions?

In the summer we run sessions at Roundhay Park Lake on Tuesday evenings.

These usually start around 5:30pm and run through until 8pm.

In the winter we run pool sessions at Fearnville swimming pool on Saturdays at 4:00pm.

We also run frequent river trips which are based around the people's availability and the weather.

Where do the sessions take place?

In the summer regular sessions take place at Roundhay Lake

In the winter regular sessions take place at Fearnville swimming pool.

Can I join as a beginner?


We offer a safe environment for people to learn how to Canoe, Kayak or Paddle Board.

Do you provide lessons and training?

For the absolute beginners, we offer training by coaches through the British Canoeing organisation.

For the more experienced we can advise on the instructor awards, proficiency awards and white water tests.

Is there an age restriction?

We do not have an age restriction, but you must be able to swim 50 metres or, if disabled, be happy to go underwater. Young people will need the permission of their parents or guardians to join the club. Parents must also be available to take and collect younger members to and from events.

What equipment do I need?

For our pool and Roundhay Park sessions, all you need is appropriate clothing for the weather that is OK to get wet. All other equipment is provided as part of the cost.

If you’re ready to venture out to another location, the club can hire you all equipment to get you started. Once a member, you receive discounts on leading brands of canoeing gear through local stockists.

What do I need to wear?

For summer sessions, we recommend wearing thin layers of clothing - preferably man-made fibres as these don't absorb too much water.

A thin cagoule on top is ideal.

Be sure to bring a change of clothes with you and a towel too!

Please make sure you wear a pair of soft old shoes or trainers that won't come off if you fall in.

What training and awards can you provide?

If you require specific training we can recommend centres if we cannot provide it ourselves.

Moving to Roundhay Park and local rivers, longer paddling distances can be achieved and the star tests assessed.

Do you go on any trips?

We offer a variety of sea, surf, white water and touring kayaking and canoeing with trips run locally to such locations at the Aire, Wharfe and the Ure, as well as further afield.

Can I participate in any competitions?

Yes! As part of the White Rose Canoe Club, we have a successful canoe polo team that compete in regional and national competitions.

Are you part of British Canoeing?


White Rose Canoe Club is a fully paid up member of the National Governing Body for Canoeing - British Canoeing.

Our membership number is 1159