Canoe Polo

Canoe polo is a fast and exciting sport, played at regional, national and international levels and also purely for recreation. Often likened to games such as five-a-side football, basketball, rugby and naturally water polo, canoe polo involves two teams of five players a side, competing in specially designed kayaks, trying to get the ball into the opposition’s goal.

The White Rose Canoe Polo Team

White Rose Canoe Club has an active canoe polo section, with both men's and ladies' teams competing at a wide range of levels. We also run introductory and beginner sessions as a stepping stone to the main Canoe Polo training sessions.

Canoe Polo Team Practice

Over the Summer, we practice on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm till dusk on the lake at Roundhay Park. The lake offers us vast amounts of space with plenty of room for our pitch and much more for fitness or skills-based training.

Interested in Canoe Polo?

If you’re interested in giving Canoe Polo a go or would like some more information, contact our Canoe Polo Secretary at