Hints and Tips

Useful Information for New Paddlers at Collingham

Please arrive with enough time to get changed and be ready to get on the water for the published start time.

It's too cold to be waiting around for people in the winter.

We will publish times when the club house is open for you to collect any kit you need to borrow.

Remember: if you don’t bring it, you won’t have it.

The Trip will be run as per our instructions on the Collingham Trip page of our website.

It might be a round trip, or it might be a one-way trip, which means you might not finish at your car and so we share cars to get back to the start.

Clothes to Wear.

You will need, layered wicking clothes (not cotton) to keep warm in, under a waterproof outer of over-trousers and cag.

Or if you have it, a wet suit or dry suit. Remember wet suits aren't always warm and you may still need an outer layer over them.

Top Tips:

· Its easier to arrive pre-changed into your canoeing kit. You will be a lot warmer.

· Pack a complete set of dry clothes in a bag to change into afterwards. You will need them.

· Put your dry clothes in whichever car is going to be at the finish point.

· Take a bag for your wet clothes to go in afterwards.

· Something to stand on while you are getting changed.

· Think about how to keep your car keys safe. A small waterproof bag that can be attached to you?

· Try to keep your feet dry getting into the boat. Wet feet will get very cold very quickly.

· You might even want to try a pair of gloves (Marigolds work).


I'm a beginner, is that alright?

Well, that depends on how much of a beginner you are. If you have only done a basic "come & try" and one or two sessions on the Lake, then you might want to wait. Get some more trips & laps in down at the lake.

Ask someone to show you how to edge the boat to assist turning and then come on a future date. There will be more.

Check out our Personal Performance Path information here.

I'm a SUP paddler, is this ok?

Yes, it is, but your potential to get really wet quickly is higher.

To protect the fin on the SUP you will have to wade into the river to get it deep enough to stand on. But provided you are dressed well to stay warm, and you have paddled against at least the wind before, then it should be fine.

If not get some more time in on the Lake and come when you are ready.

I’m not very active is that ok?

This is your judgment call, but coming on our trips will help you become more active.

Is this just for Kayaks or can I bring a Canoe?

This trip works for any craft. Bring whatever you want to play in or learn more from.

But remember the trip may well be upstream against the current for 2k and whilst we will dodge behind bushes and trees to have a rest, it's still upstream, which is fantastic for teaching you good technique but does involve some effort.

My car won't take a roof rack, does this rule me out?

Shouldn't do, no.

First, let us know your make and model / year / number of doors of your car.

Second let muse know where you live as we may be able to place you close to another member. When we do a trip, a shuttle car to bring the drivers back doesn't need a roof rack.

Having your own roof rack will help you be more self-sufficient though.

Where is it?

See the Collingham Trip page on our website