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Club Welfare Officer



Sports Coach UK – Safeguard and Protecting Children

NSPCC Time to Listen


Be responsible for acting as a source of advice about safeguarding and protecting children, promoting good practice and for coordinating action within the Club on receipt of any concerns or referrals.


1. Policy and Procedures

• Provide information and advice on child protection within the Club and promote a child focus.

• Ensure the Club adopts and follows the BCU Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

• Promote awareness of the BCU Codes of Conduct and Paddlesafe documents.

• Implement recruitment and screening procedures within the club.

• Be a confirmation signatory, verifying the identity of individuals completing disclosures.

2. Referrals

• Receive information from Club staff, volunteers, children or parents and carers who have child protection concerns and record it.

•  Assess the information promptly and carefully, clarifying and obtaining more information about the matter as appropriate

• Follow the BCU Responding and Reporting Concerns flow chart.

• Ensure that the referral is confirmed in writing using the BCU Safeguarding and Protecting Children Report Form.

3. Education and Training

• Advise the club about appropriate training for coaches and volunteers based on the BCU Recommended Training Requirements.

• Advise the Club about Child Protection training opportunities.

4. Knowledge

• Be aware of the local statutory child protection network, including the contact details for the local Police and Children’s Social Care Services, the role of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) and the awareness of local inter-agency child protection procedures.

• Understand the BCU Child Protection Policies and Procedures and the requirement to safeguard and protect children in sport

• Awareness of Equity issues and Child Protection

• Understanding of poor practice and abuse – behaviour that is harmful to children


Ability to relate to and communicate with youngsters.

Be well known in the club and have a strong child focus.

Be accessible to and approachable for children and young people but not the coach or volunteer with direct responsibility coordinating or delivering the junior programs at the club.