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Club Trip Co-ordinator/Leader



BCU Qualified Coach with current validation, BCU and WRCC membership.  The level of coach required is dependent upon nature of trip, type of water and number of participants.


Plan and run canoeing trips for both recreational and coaching purposes.


Plan the trip and ensure this is advertised on the Club Calendar.

Act as a liaison for those who are interested in taking part, and offer guidance on the trip details and hire of equipment if needed.

Recruit additional coaches to assist on the trip if required.

Complete the River Trip Planner, with reference to existing Risk Assessments (if applicable).

Follow the Normal Operating Procedures for River Trips.

In case of an emergency, follow the Emergency Operating Procedures for River Trips.

Ensure that paperwork is completed and submitted to the appropriate person.

Take any fees due from non-members and forward these to the Treasurer.

Organise the meeting, entry and exit points and to shuttle equipment if necessary.

Coach participants and offer guidance on technique during the trip.

Provide information on future events, possible qualifications and benefits of BCU membership.


Competent and confident paddler, able to set a good example to others.

Good knowledge of Normal and Emergency River Trip Procedures.